Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Toolbox

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This Matlab package implements machine learning algorithms described in the great textbook: Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by C. Bishop (PRML).

It is written purely in Matlab language. It is self-contained. There is no external dependency.

Note: this package requires Matlab R2016b or latter, since it utilizes a new Matlab syntax called Implicit expansion (a.k.a. broadcasting). It also requires Statistics Toolbox (for some simple random number generator) and Image Processing Toolbox (for reading image data).

Design Goal


  1. Download the package to a local folder (e.g. ~/PRMLT/) by running:
    git clone
  2. Run Matlab and navigate to the folder (~/PRMLT/), then run the init.m script.

  3. Run some demos in ~/PRMLT/demo folder. Enjoy!


If you find any bug or have any suggestion, please do file issues. I am graceful for any feedback and will do my best to improve this package.


Released under MIT license


sth4nth at gmail dot com